The website of “De Historische Vereniging Heemstede Bennebroek” has been renewed

The HVHB website is new. On the website, there are descriptions of many monuments and you can also search for walking and cycling routes. Historical films can also be seen.

There are now also films with a short video message from the mayor of Bloemendaal, Mr Roest and alderman Struijf of Heemstede to promote the website.

If you want to know more about Heemstede and or Bennebroek, have a look at the website via the following link;

HeerlijkHeden Magazine is a magazine about the history of Heemstede and Bennebroek. In our quarterly magazine HeerlijkHeden you will find an interesting, readable and varied mix of articles and facts from the history of Heemstede and Bennebroek and about our association, about historical events, big and small.


Lots of fun!