‘The taalsoos, is it something for you?”

You have often read about ‘de taalsoos’ on this site. Usually when there was something special to mention: a visit from the mayor or from Sinterklaas, or that we could continue in the tent at the library when corona threw the spanner in the works. How is your language learning going now? And, would it be something for you? What do we do on that Wednesday morning in the library?

The main goal is to practice speaking in Dutch. But we also sometimes pay attention to grammar, explain expressions and sayings, and discuss Dutch customs and traditions. (Why does the whole Netherlands colour orange at parties? Why not blue or red?) We recently spent an hour on the word ‘er’. As a Dutch person, think about that…. How often and in how many different contexts is this word used in our language! And do you think that a foreigner understands us when they hear us say the ‘dudurdugroet’?

Sometimes it looks a bit like school, but the participants generally find it more fun and educative! Especially when we discuss small dilemmas and have conversations in the form of a role play. (What do you do if you don’t get enough money back in the store? And…. What do you do if you get too much back???) Before the 1.5 -meter rule was in force, we sometimes had up to 18 participants. Then we made small groups, so that everyone could have their say, but above all had a chance to speak. We hope it can be done that way again in August…. Anyone who wants to practice speaking Dutch, is welcome. There are now participants from Korea, Syria, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Eritrea and Denmark. Explaining something to someone else is allowed in your own language and the volunteers who prepare the meetings also speak French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, English and German. But otherwise: Dutch. The traditional Dutch word ‘gezelligheid’ is high on the list!

As soon as the number of participants is unlimited again, we will let you know on this site and maybe we’ll see you then! Welcome.