Platform says goodbye to a few members

During our last meeting, the Platform (Welcome Heemstede, Platform for Integration) said goodbye to four of our members.

Ellen Bannink, Ingrid van de Kasteele, Liesbeth Mulder and Pim van Wonderen have decided to stop contributing to the Platform for various reasons.

Ellen has spent a lot of time and energy in developing and maintaining the website over the past 6 years. In addition, together with Ingrid, she played an important role in the participation process and (obtaining) the participation statement. In addition, she enthusiastically participated in all kinds of activities organized by the Platform.


The last one certainly also applies to Ingrid, who also regularly encouraged the Platform to increase its activity. She undoubtedly knew most of the permit holders personally and has often worked as a language coach. She even wrote a book about it: “De andere kant”. Ingrid also played an important role in the participation process and (obtaining) the participation declaration.


Liesbeth has “only” been a member of the Platform for 3 years but has left her mark. She was one of the driving forces behind the Taalsoos on Plein1, together with Ellen and Ingrid, among others. She was always willing to take on additional tasks, such as taking minutes of the meetings and developing a Mission and Vision for the Platform.


And last but not least Pim, who although works for the municipality, but – as a resident of Heemstede – he found it important to be a part of the Platform. In addition, Pim is well known in Heemstede as a cycling coach for permit holders. A very practical contribution, but oh so important.


Ellen, Ingrid, Liesbeth and Pim all had their own reasons for leaving the Platform, but they will continue to deal with permit holders, if it is not in Heemstede or in Voorschoten, such as Liesbeth. All four of you: thank you very much for everything you have done. And good luck in the future!

And the Platform? The Platform will find a new place within WIJ Heemstede. We hope to be more effective there to give permit holders extra support in feeling at home in Heemstede.