Small happiness

A message from the town hall of Heemstede.

The corona crisis has dominated our lives for a long time and we notice that every day. Healthcare is under pressure, young people are bored, entrepreneurs are having a hard time and everything that one used to call ‘normal things’ is suddenly no longer so self-evident.

Fortunately, a lot is still possible during this time, it still brings out a lot of creativity in people.

 Beautiful and creative ideas

Beautiful initiatives are being created that contribute to small, little happiness of another in this pandemic time. Until we get vaccinated, we have to make the best of it together and look for the little happiness for ourselves and for others.

For example, you can write a story about something that brings a Little joy in your life. Or you can offer your help to somebody.

You can find information on  below Little Happiness by clicking on the link:


Volunteering in the times of this pandemic

Volunteering in the times of this pandemic: I for you and you for me!

As a newcomer in Heemstede you will receive help from all sides to feel at home here: learning the language, learning how everything is organized here, learning how to find a job and so on.

But maybe you would like to do something for others yourself? After all, almost everyone likes to be able to do something for someone else. It is also a nice way to get to know new people and improve your Dutch.And especially nowadays it is also a way to combat loneliness.

Is there anything you like and that you could help others with?

  • For example, do you enjoy gardening, do you not have a garden yourself and would you like to help someone take care of their garden?
  • Do you enjoy running errands for someone?
  • Do you enjoy walking the dog for someone?
  • Do you enjoy taking someone for a walk?
  • Are you handy and do you enjoy doing small chores around the house?

Then take a look at the website https: //

There you will find all kinds of questions for help. And you can also post to offer any help you could give.

Unfortunately this website is only written in Dutch. Maybe you can find someone to help you read? Or send an email to

Clothing gift card for children

Clothing gift card for children
Residents of Heemstede can apply for a clothing gift card for their child(ren) from the town Hall of Heemstede, before January 1 2020. The card has a value of € 100.00 and is intended for children up to 18 years old. The card can be exchanged at 10,000 (online) stores throughout the Netherlands and is valid for two years.
If you live on social security (via IASZ) you will be notified. If you have a low income and but you don’t receive any social security, you can still apply for the card via:

Source: Town Hall of Heemstede

Drawing for Saint-Nicolas

Make a drawing for Saint-Nicolas!

As you may have heard or seen,Saint-Nicolas  has arrived in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, due to Corona, he can not be in Heemstede. But Saint-Nicolas will be working at “home” in the Grote Pietenhuis. He would be really delighted if he gets drawings from you. But how do they get to the Grote Pietenhuis? Our mayor, Mrs. Astrid Nienhuis, has found a solution.

On November 27 she will go to  Saint-Nicolas with all the drawings. If you have made a beautiful drawing, you can send it to the town hall of Heemstede, the mayor will bring all your artwork to  Saint-Nicolas .Doesn’t it sound like a great idea?!

So, go and quickly grab your drawing supplies and get going.

Have fun!

Orange the World

Many places in the region and throughout the Netherlands will be illuminated in orange on Wednesday, November 25, at 8 pm, as part of the Orange the world campaign. The action was initiated by the Soroptimist International, a worldwide service organization of women, and runs between November 25 and 10 December. The start day, November 25 is International Day against Violence against Women and December 10, is International Human Rights Day.
In Heemstede, the town hall and the Molentje will be illuminated in orange.

Corona Related Information

Press conference Rutte

GlobalTalk (this is the new name of TVCN interpreting service) translated the press conference of September 28th. See


Pharos has already adjusted their website in response to the stricter measures regarding the Coronavirus. This information is available in Arabic, Tigrinya, Turkish and Farsi, among others.

Click on the link to their website:

Organ Donor Register

Now that many people have received a letter about the Organ Donor Register on their doorstep, We are sending you a link to a site where you will find information material in various languages on this subject: from Tigrinya to Frisian and from Arabic to sign language and much more.

Health insurance

We are back towards the end of the year and then the topic of health insurance will be on the agenda again. Also useful for newcomers. In Tigrinya, Arabic, English and Dutch.

Further information for our clients can also be found at the link below:

This site for permit holders / refugees provides information in various languages (Dari, Farsi, Arabic, Tigrinya, Turkish, French, English and Dutch) about healthcare. But also on topics such as Integration, Work and Income, Education and Family Reunification.

All mentioned links are also on the sites. They can always be found there


Reinforce the Platform

At the end of July, I posted a message on this website in which I invited everyone to become a member of the Platform. In short: Welcome to Heemstede, a Platform for integration. In the platform, we discuss how we can help our new permit holders who live in Heemstede in all kinds of fields so that they can find their way more easily within Heemstede and the surrounding area. If you haven’t read or heard of this invitation, take a look back at the website for the article from the end of July. Within the platform, we also discussed how we can do that even better. It would probably help if one person from each group (country of origin, same language, etc.), who has been in the Netherlands / Heemstede for some time, fulfills a position as a key person. Usually, that person speaks the Dutch language a little better than somebody who came here just a few months ago.

We would be great if those key persons would sign up for the Platform. We think that the integration process can then run even more smoothly and that people will feel more at home. If you have other / better ideas there, we hope that you will come and join us. It is now – in the corona time – even more important. The corona measures will probably be further tightened in November and people will have to stay at home even more than now. We think that could be demotivating or depressing for people who do not quite feel at home yet(in the Netherlands). We hope to be able to do something for them through this platform.

Again, sign up for the Platform if you want to do something for Heemstede and the integration of permit holders. This can be done by clicking on the “About the Platform/contact” on the website. You can also sign up for the newsletter there.

Adriaan Pauw Jaar

Adriaan Pauw year 2020 is still going on
At the beginning of this year, we were looking forward to it: the Adriaan Pauw year. This year it is exactly 400 years ago (in 1620) that Adriaan Pauw came to live here in Heemstede and Bennebroek. Adriaan Pauw was so important that a festive year is in order. He built the Oude Kerk on the Wilhelminaplein and also the Voorwegschool. He dug the Zandvaart and the Blekersvaart so that Amsterdam could be supplied with sand for further expansion and Heemstede received many bleachers. These activities have brought much prosperity to Heemstede. Adriaan Pauw also played an important role in the Peace of Münster, which ended the 80-year war and claimed peace in Europe. Hence the peace bridge at the Oude Slot.

So we were enthusiastic about preparing a year with all kinds of fun events for the entire population of Heemstede. And then…. came corona! A wonderful weekend in May with a market with old crafts, the reopening of Adriaan Pauw’s restored crypt and a symposium about Pauw’s significance for Heemstede, the region, the Netherlands, and Europe had to be canceled. All kinds of events, such as sports tournaments, music performances, and other events where many people gather, could also not take place. And yet Heemstede was able to experience many things in the Pauw area. For example, September 19, when the shopkeepers’ association organized a fun day with a fantastic competition. A beautiful sunny Saturday with lots of entertainment on the Binnenweg and Raadhuisstraat. And so, despite corona, there were still too many events to mention.

And it continues for a while. Good things are being pushed on to 2021. The symposium will probably be held in May and will gain some depth now that Pauw’s name has been associated with slavery by the Dutch East India Company. There are also exhibitions in the Pauwehof and the Burgerzaal in the Town Hall of Heemstede of the art that was created in the context of Adriaan Pauw last year.

The Adriaan Pauw year may have had some setbacks, but the organization will not give up. For everything that is still going on and what is to come, visit

On behalf of the Adriaan Pauw foundation,

Ben Steinebach

Country house De Hartekamp

The De Hartekamp country house was built in 1692 for Johan Hindelopen. It stood on the site of the farmstead of the Van Berkenrode family. It has been adapted several times over the centuries to suit the residents.

The famous Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeus lived there from 1736 to 1738 as a guest of the Clifford family. Linnaeus has classified 18,000 plant and animal species.

The monumental country house has been in use since 1952 by the Care Center “De Hartekamp Groep”, an organization for people with disabilities.

You can enjoy a walk in the park. It is a beautiful place and the garden is beautifully landscaped.
It is accessible for free.

The Park is located at Herenweg 5, 2105 MB Heemstede