Municipal Outcome Council elections 2022 in Heemstede

Elections for municipal councils were held throughout the Netherlands on 14, 15 and 16 March. Also in Heemstede, all residents of 18 years and older could go to the polls to cast their vote. In the Netherlands, it is not mandatory to vote, so there are also people who do not vote. In Heemstede, more than 63% have made use of this right. That is slightly less than the 65.6% in 2018, but much more than the average in the Netherlands. Because less than half of the people in the major cities did not vote, the average in the Netherlands was about 50%. That is a pity because the voice of the people who have stayed at home has been lost and they, therefore, have no influence on the policy in the municipalities.

In Heemstede, 7 parties took part in the elections and one of those parties (SamenSterkHeemstede) did not receive enough votes for a seat in the municipal council. The other six parties have also been in the city council since 2018. Heemsteeds Burger Belang (HBB), Groen Links and the Labor Party then each supplied an alderman and thus formed the Board. In the elections, HBB lost two seats (to 5), while the PvdA won one (to 2) and Groen Links remained the same (to 3). As a result, these three parties came together for 10 seats, which means they still lack one seat to form the majority (in a municipal council of 21 seats). The opposition of VVD, D’66 and CDA jointly won one seat (by winning D’66) and jointly has a majority of 11 seats. One has to wait to find out how the negotiations for a new council will go and what the outcome will be. Although HBB and VVD have the same number of seats, the VVD has gained some more votes and this party will take the initiative in the negotiations. And then it depends on whether sufficient agreement can be reached with other parties about a college program.

Election result (Number of seats per party)

                                         2018               2022

HBB                                      7                    5

VVD                                      5                    5

D’66                                      3                    4

Groen Links                        3                    3

CDA                                      2                    2

PvdA                                    1                    2