May 4 and 5

The flags have just been cleared after the feast of King’s Day, but they will reappear on May 4. Then they will hang ‘half-mast’. That is the sign of mourning. It is officially the day that the victims of the Second World War (1940 to 1945) are commemorated in the Netherlands. But more and more it is a day to commemorate war victims in general. And unfortunately there are many worldwide. Wars that last much longer than five years…… In almost every municipality there is a place where this is commemorated. At 20.00 hr. The whole of the Netherlands is then silent for two minutes. In Heemstede this happens on the Vrijheidsdreef (Freedomway….. clear why it’s called like that, isn’t it?) There are actually two monuments. Behind the statue of the woman releasing her handcuffed hands is a special place for the Jewish victims. You can attend the commemoration there and your thoughts, who you think of, are FREE. The memorial on Dam Square in Amsterdam is also impressive. This can also be followed on television.
And then the flag will go ‘in top’ again on May 5th. Then we celebrate the liberation after those five years of war. A day that has not yet arrived in many countries. If you like pop music (and have earplugs) it is an idea to go to ‘Liberation Pop’. In the Haarlemmerhout. Free. Where is that? You can hear that from afar….