King’s Day will be Residential Day


  On April 27, King Willem Alexander celebrates his 53rd birthday. That is a big party every year, but because of the Coronavirus, it is not possible this year. The Bond van Oranje Vereniging has come up with an alternative.

The Federation calls on everyone to raise their flag on the 27th of April with the motto “For King’s birthday and for each other. For the medical staff, for the teachers, for everyone who is committed to society.” They are also asked to ring the bells between 09:45 and 10:00 “as a sign of connection, sadness, and joy”.

At 10:00 am the National Aubade starts singing the Wilhelmus. After that, the mayor of Gouda Verhoeve will congratulate the King from the town hall.

Children are asked to write a letter or make a drawing for the King. The letters will be bundled and handed over to the king. “They will never forget this period. How do they feel? What keeps them busy?” Ali B. is an ambassador for this project. A national toast follows at 4 pm.