King’s day

No birthday is celebrated as lavishly as that of King Willem Alexander. Almost everyone has a day off and whatever you think about the royal family, everyone wants a day off…. And that party can continue again this year!

The link below shows the program in Heemstede.

The king celebrates his birthday in a different city every year. This year in Maastricht. You can see that on television. But especially the free market is famous. There is one in every village and every city. Also in Heemstede, next to the swimming pool. You can sell things yourself that you no longer need and you can buy everything yourself cheaply. Even if you don’t have stuff to sell, you can still try to make money! Bake special cookies (maybe some traditional ones from the country you come from) and sell them! Or can you make music on an instrument? Stand on the free market and put a container on the floor in front of you, where people can put money.

At least…. if they like your music. It is mainly a holiday and the flea market is a place to meet people. TO DO!