In conversation with an energy coach


In front of me I have an “energy coach”. He works as a volunteer at HeemSteeds Duurzaam. What does an energy coach do?

“An energy coach will work with you to see how you deal with energy, so that you may be able to save on your energy bill”. Is that only interesting for households? “Most requests for visits from us do indeed come from households.

People who have bought a new house or want to renovate or are simply shocked by the hikes in energy bills.

But even if you rent a house, you can use simple cheap means to ensure that you use less energy. And you will definitely notice that in your own pocket!”

“What do you mean by ‘a visit from us’?”

“Then an energy coach comes with a camera that takes ‘heat photos’ on the outside of your house. Then you can see where your house is ‘leaking’ I should say. If you live in a rented house, you will not insulate your roof or floor or install double glazing everywhere. But you can achieve a lot with draft strips, LED lamps instead of incandescent lamps, radiator foil, even window foil. Not expensive to buy, and it pays off! How did you set the heating? For example, are the bedrooms heated all day while everyone is at school? How do you ventilate?

Really, small changes can make a difference! You can request a visit via the website. Or you can come to the Pop-up store at Plein 1. (opening hours on the website) We can already give you various tips and also show you materials”.

“I would also recommend you to notify the landlord or housing association. Because why not? If the same problem occurs in several houses, you can take a stand for it. If a possible rent increase remains in proportion…. And owners can get subsidies if they make improvements in this area.”

“Thank you for this conversation. I hope more and more people find out about you, so that will be able to help many.”

“Well, we’re already have gotten very busy! That is why we are also looking for more colleagues.”

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