Homes for permit holders

At the end of July, the municipality of Heemstede had 23 container homes placed in the parking lot at the Groenendaal swimming pool on the  Sportparklaan. These homes are temporary (maximum 9 months) and intended for single permit holders. In this way, Heemstede hopes to contribute to reducing pressure on the asylum seekers’ centre in Ter Apel. Asylum seekers, who have now received a residence permit, have to stay there for too long. As a result, there is not enough space in the asylum seekers’ centre, leading to major problems.

In the container homes, 15 young single-permit holders find shelter and a bed until permanent housing is found. They also have a house together, which serves as a meeting place. In addition, 7 single Heemsteders (under the age of 27 years) may be eligible for the remaining container homes. It is the intention that they play a role in the integration of refugee permit holders and familiarise them with Heemstede and the people of Heemsteedse. That will cost them about 4 hours a week.

Within three weeks, the beneficiaries will start with a six-week introduction programme, in which, in addition to the Dutch language, they will receive information about health, work and education. After that, it will be determined for each individual which integration process they will follow.

Vluchtelingen Werk will hold consultation hours every Monday morning in one of the container homes at Sportparklaan 16.