Home games

In this time of sitting at home a lot, here some games. I think everyone knows them, that they are played in all countries, but the instructions below will help you refresh your memory.

“I see I see what you don’t see”

Someone says: I see I see what you don’t see and the color is …… ..

That person is thinking of an object that everyone can see in the room. For example the red felt-tip pen on the table. The others will list all the red objects that can be seen by everyone. For example, your sweater, flowers, curtains, mum’s lipstick, etc.

Those who have guessed correctly may then consider something.


“Who do I have in mind?”

Someone is thinking of a person that everyone knows. It can also be a figure from a fairy tale or from a movie or any public figure. The others will ask questions like: “Is it a man?” “Is he older than 50?” “Can he sing well?” You can only answer with “YES” or “NO” or “I don’t know”.

Those who have guessed correctly may then consider someone.


“No yes, no no and no uh”

The opposite ….. The one who is next is going to answer the questions of the others. Think of a topic together, for example, the school, the garden, football or a certain cartoon. Set an alarm (on your phone) to one minute and, anyone who doesn’t say YES or No or Uh for a minute wins! You can also put a stopwatch (also on your phone) and check who sticks the longest with it and wins.


Who else knows about these simple games? Let us know via the contact form on this site! We have translators, so you can also write in Arabic, Tigrinya, and English. Maybe a game that you always played in your own country, but we don’t know it here? We are excited to hear from you!