Good news for exam candidates

Graduation students who are going to sit their final year exams this year have heard the good news last week. The exam rules have been eased this year, just like last year. Due to the lockdowns and other consequences of the corona pandemic, this school year has also been different than usual. Exam candidates had to deal with home-schooling this year and the year before, which is why the (new) Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Dennis Wiersma, has decided that exam candidates can cross off one subject. However, this subject may not be a core subject (Dutch, English, and mathematics). This is the so-called “Thumb scheme (duimregeling)”: the final mark of the crossed-out subject does not count in determining the result. And as announced earlier, exam students are also entitled to an extra resit, so a total of two resits instead of one.     Other than that, there also will be an extra period, so that students can spread their exams over two periods. For pre-vocational secondary education(vmbo), there is another change in the assessment for the profile course. More information about this can be found on the website of the national government.

However, the Minister of Education, Dennis Wiersma, calls on students to only use the elimination if it is necessary. “It is important to prepare yourself as well as possible for your further education and to pass all your courses. If your marksheet shows that it was not all successful after all, you will be given the opportunity to make use of this scheme, just like last year.”

We wish all exam candidates good luck with the preparations!