Dorcaswinkel Heemstede is celeberating its 10th Anniversary!

And that is celebrated with the ‘Dolle Dwaze Dorcas Dagen’. Ten years ago, 3 women from Heemsteed took the initiative to set up a sustainable thrift store and sought cooperation with the aid organization Dorcas. This resulted in the Dorcas shop Heemstede. A store where things that people bring in are gifts and so that they can be resold. All proceeds go to the aid projects of international aid organization Dorcas. Dorcas offers help to the poorest countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Dorcas, together with local employees and volunteers, helps to achieve lasting change and combat poverty, exclusion and loneliness. Dorcas also helps in crisis situations, such as recently in Ukraine and Yemen.

Dozens of volunteers, who are the of staff the Dorcaswinkel Heemstede, support this mission. They use their time, creativity and enthusiasm. These volunteers get a big anniversary party. But especially customers and contributors will be surprised from 22 to 24 September with ‘Dolle Dwaze Dorcas’ promotions, such as auctions, discount promotions and delicacies in a festive-looking Dorcas.

Believing in the power of people, that’s what Dorcas believes in and what it is about!

More information about the Dorcas shop and the charities of the Dorcas aid organization can be found at

The website below is important for Heemsteden residents.

There you will also find all information about what you can bring and buy; and when.