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Every story starts with language …

Parents would like to support their children in the language and reading, but sometimes they do not know how. It is not self-evident for every parent to read aloud, to be actively involved with language skills of their children. How do you read aloud? How do you get books? Where’s the library? How can you stimulate language development in your children? The VoorleesExpress helps with this. A condition is that parents are motivated to learn something about reading and language, and that they actively participate. The mother tongue also plays an important role, so it will not be just a Dutch lesson.

The VoorleesExpress supports children from 2 to 8 years old with deficient  language skills. Twenty weeks, at a fixed time, a volunteer comes to the family’s home to read aloud. Together with the parents, the VoorleesExpress ensures that language and reading pleasure have a permanent place in the family.

The aim is to enrich the language environment at home and to stimulate improvement of language skills through, among other things, reading pleasure. Parents are an important part of the project and they are supported by the volunteer to give language and reading aloud a permanent place in the family.

The VoorleesExpress Heemstede is performed by WIJ Heemstede i.c.w. have the Zuid-Kennemerland library.

The VoorleesExpress works, among other things, with schools and pre-schools, and strengthens the partnership between school and parents. Applications can be made by (pre) schools in consultation with the VoorleesExpress Heemstede. Contact your school / playgroup or the teacher if you want to participate in the VoorleesExpress, or reach out to someone from your area to help you with this.

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