Country house De Hartekamp

The De Hartekamp country house was built in 1692 for Johan Hindelopen. It stood on the site of the farmstead of the Van Berkenrode family. It has been adapted several times over the centuries to suit the residents.

The famous Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeus lived there from 1736 to 1738 as a guest of the Clifford family. Linnaeus has classified 18,000 plant and animal species.

The monumental country house has been in use since 1952 by the Care Center “De Hartekamp Groep”, an organization for people with disabilities.

You can enjoy a walk in the park. It is a beautiful place and the garden is beautifully landscaped.
It is accessible for free.

The Park is located at Herenweg 5, 2105 MB Heemstede