Corona will also remain in 2022!

The new year – 2022 – has started and the editors of Welkom Heemstede, Platform for Integration wishes all readers a prosperous and above all a healthy year.

We will all again have to do a lot to stay healthy and perhaps even more than we did in 2020 and 2021. It is hard to imagine that the corona pandemic has already lasted two years. Recently, a new virus species – Omikron – has even emerged, which is much more contagious than the previous variants.

It is therefore even more important that people get vaccinated. The chance that you will become (seriously) ill is smaller and if you do become ill, it is usually less serious and you hardly ever have to go to hospital. It is true that the protection provided by the vaccine decreases after some time and that is why the health council (a group of very good doctors) advises to take a “booster”. It is almost essential, especially now that the number of infections from Omikron is rising sharply.

On January 7, 25,000 people in the Netherlands were infected again. Although the symptoms of the disease are less severe than with previous variants, these large numbers will still lead to many people ending up in hospital.

Some people in the Netherlands – and also in other countries – say that vaccination is not necessary or is even nonsense. However, most experts find it important and useful. If you don’t trust it yourself, talk to your doctor about it. He or she can give you all the information and wants the best for you. Let’s be careful and look after each other. Stay healthy, then hopefully 2022 will be a good year.