Corona Related Information

Press conference Rutte

GlobalTalk (this is the new name of TVCN interpreting service) translated the press conference of September 28th. See


Pharos has already adjusted their website in response to the stricter measures regarding the Coronavirus. This information is available in Arabic, Tigrinya, Turkish and Farsi, among others.

Click on the link to their website:

Organ Donor Register

Now that many people have received a letter about the Organ Donor Register on their doorstep, We are sending you a link to a site where you will find information material in various languages on this subject: from Tigrinya to Frisian and from Arabic to sign language and much more.

Health insurance

We are back towards the end of the year and then the topic of health insurance will be on the agenda again. Also useful for newcomers. In Tigrinya, Arabic, English and Dutch.

Further information for our clients can also be found at the link below:

This site for permit holders / refugees provides information in various languages (Dari, Farsi, Arabic, Tigrinya, Turkish, French, English and Dutch) about healthcare. But also on topics such as Integration, Work and Income, Education and Family Reunification.

All mentioned links are also on the sites. They can always be found there