Compensation for homework supervision, tutoring or exam training


Bloemendaal – Heemstede, February 26, 2021

Compensation for homework supervision, tutoring or exam training

For parents with a low income

Residents with a low income can apply for an allowance for homework support, tutoring or exam training from the town hall of Bloemendaal or Heemstede. The funds are for children in secondary school or in secondary vocational education.

For children in the highest class of the secondary school, an exciting period will soon start: the exams are coming. Exam training is meant to help students with preparation but it is expensive. That is why the municipality gives compensation for this. Pupils who are not in the exam year can use this arrangement for tutoring or homework supervision. The maximum contribution is € 1,200.00.

Guidelines for low-income families

There are guidelines for low-income families. For a single parent, this is approximately € 1,308 net per month (excluding holiday pay). For married or cohabiting couples, this amounts to € 1,868 net per month (excluding holiday pay).

Applying for compensation:

Parents who meet the criteria can apply for reimbursement via

Here are also the conditions.

Calculate your entitlement

Many other schemes exist for low-income residents. For example for a computer, bicycle or sports costs. Residents can calculate their rights anonymously at

Press release: Municipality of Heemstede and Bloemendaal Compensation for homework budget