Children’s farm ‘t Molentje turns 70!

A petting zoo that turns 70: that is very special. ‘t Molentje is the oldest petting zoo in the Netherlands. That calls for a great party.

The estate has been owned by the municipality ofHeemstede  since 1913, the farm was built in 1951. Then the children’s farm started. Over time, many species of animals lived here, not only cows, pigs, deer and goats, but also guinea pigs, llamas, kangaroos and a bee colony. Unfortunately, in the fire of 2010, the haystack with the bee colony burned down.

Saturday 26 June is the party: everyone is welcome!! For visitors there is coffee, tea and lemonade with some sweets, and at 14.00 the party lunch starts. Children have colored a flag coloring page, and all drawings are hung in a garland on the farm. It will look very festive.

The petting zoo is located in the Groenendaalse forest, close to the playground, Burgemeester van Rappardlaan 1.