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Heemstede has been nominated


Heemstede has been nominated by the Royal Dog Protection for the most dog friendly

municipal elections of the Netherlands. About 10 percent of the inhabitants of Heemstede have a dog, that means that there are about 3,000 dogs here.

Heemstede has a good chance of winning according to many dog ​​owners, due to the very dog-friendly Groenendaal hiking woods! There is a large so-called off-leash area’. That is a popular place for many dogs and their owners, because dogs are allowed to run free and romp around in that entire area. It is gated so the dogs cannot run away. And there are always other dogs to play with. Everyday many friendships develop between the dogs, but also between the owners. Many people walk their dogs at the same times and one often gets to meet the same people.

This unique off-leash spot is a big plus for the municipality, according to the Dog Protection Agency. In addition, Heemstede has a clear policy regarding bite incidents, there is a dog schoo, la walking service and no dog tax obligation.

This is also why Heemstede is a perfect place for many dog ​​owners. Many people have always expressed how unfair it is that there is no cat tax levied, whereas dog tax is mandatory in many muncipilities. Dog owners can also use free poop bags, which are hanging at the entrances of the woods.

The municipality of Heemstede is very glad with the nomination. Which municipality wins the most votes for being the most dog-friendly municipality, will be disclosed on October 13.















Dorcaswinkel Heemstede is celeberating its 10th Anniversary!

And that is celebrated with the ‘Dolle Dwaze Dorcas Dagen’. Ten years ago, 3 women from Heemsteed took the initiative to set up a sustainable thrift store and sought cooperation with the aid organization Dorcas. This resulted in the Dorcas shop Heemstede. A store where things that people bring in are gifts and so that they can be resold. All proceeds go to the aid projects of international aid organization Dorcas. Dorcas offers help to the poorest countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Dorcas, together with local employees and volunteers, helps to achieve lasting change and combat poverty, exclusion and loneliness. Dorcas also helps in crisis situations, such as recently in Ukraine and Yemen.

Dozens of volunteers, who are the of staff the Dorcaswinkel Heemstede, support this mission. They use their time, creativity and enthusiasm. These volunteers get a big anniversary party. But especially customers and contributors will be surprised from 22 to 24 September with ‘Dolle Dwaze Dorcas’ promotions, such as auctions, discount promotions and delicacies in a festive-looking Dorcas.

Believing in the power of people, that’s what Dorcas believes in and what it is about!

More information about the Dorcas shop and the charities of the Dorcas aid organization can be found at

The website below is important for Heemsteden residents.

There you will also find all information about what you can bring and buy; and when.


In conversation with an energy coach


In front of me I have an “energy coach”. He works as a volunteer at HeemSteeds Duurzaam. What does an energy coach do?

“An energy coach will work with you to see how you deal with energy, so that you may be able to save on your energy bill”. Is that only interesting for households? “Most requests for visits from us do indeed come from households.

People who have bought a new house or want to renovate or are simply shocked by the hikes in energy bills.

But even if you rent a house, you can use simple cheap means to ensure that you use less energy. And you will definitely notice that in your own pocket!”

“What do you mean by ‘a visit from us’?”

“Then an energy coach comes with a camera that takes ‘heat photos’ on the outside of your house. Then you can see where your house is ‘leaking’ I should say. If you live in a rented house, you will not insulate your roof or floor or install double glazing everywhere. But you can achieve a lot with draft strips, LED lamps instead of incandescent lamps, radiator foil, even window foil. Not expensive to buy, and it pays off! How did you set the heating? For example, are the bedrooms heated all day while everyone is at school? How do you ventilate?

Really, small changes can make a difference! You can request a visit via the website. Or you can come to the Pop-up store at Plein 1. (opening hours on the website) We can already give you various tips and also show you materials”.

“I would also recommend you to notify the landlord or housing association. Because why not? If the same problem occurs in several houses, you can take a stand for it. If a possible rent increase remains in proportion…. And owners can get subsidies if they make improvements in this area.”

“Thank you for this conversation. I hope more and more people find out about you, so that will be able to help many.”

“Well, we’re already have gotten very busy! That is why we are also looking for more colleagues.”

For more information and contact:



Homes for permit holders

At the end of July, the municipality of Heemstede had 23 container homes placed in the parking lot at the Groenendaal swimming pool on the  Sportparklaan. These homes are temporary (maximum 9 months) and intended for single permit holders. In this way, Heemstede hopes to contribute to reducing pressure on the asylum seekers’ centre in Ter Apel. Asylum seekers, who have now received a residence permit, have to stay there for too long. As a result, there is not enough space in the asylum seekers’ centre, leading to major problems.

In the container homes, 15 young single-permit holders find shelter and a bed until permanent housing is found. They also have a house together, which serves as a meeting place. In addition, 7 single Heemsteders (under the age of 27 years) may be eligible for the remaining container homes. It is the intention that they play a role in the integration of refugee permit holders and familiarise them with Heemstede and the people of Heemsteedse. That will cost them about 4 hours a week.

Within three weeks, the beneficiaries will start with a six-week introduction programme, in which, in addition to the Dutch language, they will receive information about health, work and education. After that, it will be determined for each individual which integration process they will follow.

Vluchtelingen Werk will hold consultation hours every Monday morning in one of the container homes at Sportparklaan 16.


Tea Concert

On the same day as the Spring Fair takes place in the Oude Kerk on Wilhelminaplein

There will be a tea concert from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in which works by Telemann, Bach, Handel and Corelli, among others, will be performed in just over an hour. The soloists are Nienke Austria – soprano; Brigit de Klerk – recorder; Marijke van Kooten – violin; Piet Hulsbos –  organ.

The aim is to keep access to these concerts accessible and a contribution of between 5 and 10 euros is requested. After deduction of the costs is incurred, the proceeds go to the Oude Kerk Restoration Fund. Afterwards, there will be a festive gathering in the Pauwehof, in the presence of the four musicians, of course. The volunteers serve coffee, tea and homemade pastries. You get the drinks yourself at the counter and look for a seat. Payment will be made later at the table.

This concert has a lot to offer, so highly recommended!


Spring Fair / Spring Market

One of the highlights in Heemstede. The traditional Spring Market over the entire Raadhuisstraat and Binnenweg will take place on Sunday 22 May from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is now not called a Spring Market, but “Heemsteedse lentefair”.

Many stalls then fill the heart of Heemstede. Many shopkeepers from the centre of Heemstede will present their products and offers and traders from outside. This means a wide range of all kinds of articles and tasty snacks and drinks, but also tools, jewellery, shoes, clothing and much more.

In addition to the many various stalls, it is festive of seeing and be seen. Residents of Heemstede and visitors from the region enjoy the atmosphere, the offer and the sidewalk cafes. There is also a Silent Disco area and your fun moments can be captured at the Spring Selfie spots. Heemstede Shopping Bags are handed out. Of course, children have also been thought of. They can enjoy the Brick Kids area and get their face painted. It gets soo busy that you can almost walk over the heads of people when the weather is sunny and pleasant, but that’s part of it, isn’t it?

Parking is available in the parking lot of the Library (Eikenlaan), behind the town hall (Raadhuisplein) and in the parking garage of AH (Blekersvaartweg). But the local residents of Heemstede come by bike of course!



May 4 and 5

The flags have just been cleared after the feast of King’s Day, but they will reappear on May 4. Then they will hang ‘half-mast’. That is the sign of mourning. It is officially the day that the victims of the Second World War (1940 to 1945) are commemorated in the Netherlands. But more and more it is a day to commemorate war victims in general. And unfortunately there are many worldwide. Wars that last much longer than five years…… In almost every municipality there is a place where this is commemorated. At 20.00 hr. The whole of the Netherlands is then silent for two minutes. In Heemstede this happens on the Vrijheidsdreef (Freedomway….. clear why it’s called like that, isn’t it?) There are actually two monuments. Behind the statue of the woman releasing her handcuffed hands is a special place for the Jewish victims. You can attend the commemoration there and your thoughts, who you think of, are FREE. The memorial on Dam Square in Amsterdam is also impressive. This can also be followed on television.
And then the flag will go ‘in top’ again on May 5th. Then we celebrate the liberation after those five years of war. A day that has not yet arrived in many countries. If you like pop music (and have earplugs) it is an idea to go to ‘Liberation Pop’. In the Haarlemmerhout. Free. Where is that? You can hear that from afar….

King’s day

No birthday is celebrated as lavishly as that of King Willem Alexander. Almost everyone has a day off and whatever you think about the royal family, everyone wants a day off…. And that party can continue again this year!

The link below shows the program in Heemstede.

The king celebrates his birthday in a different city every year. This year in Maastricht. You can see that on television. But especially the free market is famous. There is one in every village and every city. Also in Heemstede, next to the swimming pool. You can sell things yourself that you no longer need and you can buy everything yourself cheaply. Even if you don’t have stuff to sell, you can still try to make money! Bake special cookies (maybe some traditional ones from the country you come from) and sell them! Or can you make music on an instrument? Stand on the free market and put a container on the floor in front of you, where people can put money.

At least…. if they like your music. It is mainly a holiday and the flea market is a place to meet people. TO DO!


Apr 23.

It’s allowed again!! For years, people from all over the world came to the Netherlands especially at this time of year to see the flower parade. Usually combined with a visit to Keukenhof.

For the bulb farmers, the bulbs are the most important. Sounds weird, but the flowers are partly an afterthought. Because the flowers have to be removed from the bulbs during this time, it was decided not to throw them away immediately, but to use them for a parade. Soon all color will be gone from the fields again. Enjoy it! Cycle or walk along the bulb fields.

And what is so beautiful about living in Heemstede, in addition to many other things of course, you can probably just walk from your home to a spot along the route of the parade to watch this festive procession.

Below is the part of the route through Heemstede with the times.

You can still watch the whole day in Haarlem on Sunday. There are the cars. And besides looking…. Don’t forget to smell!

Herenweg – Prinsenlaan.                    19.40

Entrance Groenendaal –

MUSIC ENTRANCE.                                19.57

Traffic light Rijnlaan.                             20.06

Herenweg – Van Merlenlaan.                20.13

Van Merlenlaan – Raadhuisstraat.        20.26

Binnenweg – Zandvaartkade (center)    20.34

Julianalaan.                                                  20.40

Spaarnezichtlaan.                                       20.44

Binnenweg – Lanckhorstlaan.                   20.49

Lanckhorstlaan – Herenweg (N208)          20.56

Municipal Outcome Council elections 2022 in Heemstede

Elections for municipal councils were held throughout the Netherlands on 14, 15 and 16 March. Also in Heemstede, all residents of 18 years and older could go to the polls to cast their vote. In the Netherlands, it is not mandatory to vote, so there are also people who do not vote. In Heemstede, more than 63% have made use of this right. That is slightly less than the 65.6% in 2018, but much more than the average in the Netherlands. Because less than half of the people in the major cities did not vote, the average in the Netherlands was about 50%. That is a pity because the voice of the people who have stayed at home has been lost and they, therefore, have no influence on the policy in the municipalities.

In Heemstede, 7 parties took part in the elections and one of those parties (SamenSterkHeemstede) did not receive enough votes for a seat in the municipal council. The other six parties have also been in the city council since 2018. Heemsteeds Burger Belang (HBB), Groen Links and the Labor Party then each supplied an alderman and thus formed the Board. In the elections, HBB lost two seats (to 5), while the PvdA won one (to 2) and Groen Links remained the same (to 3). As a result, these three parties came together for 10 seats, which means they still lack one seat to form the majority (in a municipal council of 21 seats). The opposition of VVD, D’66 and CDA jointly won one seat (by winning D’66) and jointly has a majority of 11 seats. One has to wait to find out how the negotiations for a new council will go and what the outcome will be. Although HBB and VVD have the same number of seats, the VVD has gained some more votes and this party will take the initiative in the negotiations. And then it depends on whether sufficient agreement can be reached with other parties about a college program.

Election result (Number of seats per party)

                                         2018               2022

HBB                                      7                    5

VVD                                      5                    5

D’66                                      3                    4

Groen Links                        3                    3

CDA                                      2                    2

PvdA                                    1                    2