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Municipal Outcome Council elections 2022 in Heemstede

Elections for municipal councils were held throughout the Netherlands on 14, 15 and 16 March. Also in Heemstede, all residents of 18 years and older could go to the polls to cast their vote. In the Netherlands, it is not mandatory to vote, so there are also people who do not vote. In Heemstede, more than 63% have made use of this right. That is slightly less than the 65.6% in 2018, but much more than the average in the Netherlands. Because less than half of the people in the major cities did not vote, the average in the Netherlands was about 50%. That is a pity because the voice of the people who have stayed at home has been lost and they, therefore, have no influence on the policy in the municipalities.

In Heemstede, 7 parties took part in the elections and one of those parties (SamenSterkHeemstede) did not receive enough votes for a seat in the municipal council. The other six parties have also been in the city council since 2018. Heemsteeds Burger Belang (HBB), Groen Links and the Labor Party then each supplied an alderman and thus formed the Board. In the elections, HBB lost two seats (to 5), while the PvdA won one (to 2) and Groen Links remained the same (to 3). As a result, these three parties came together for 10 seats, which means they still lack one seat to form the majority (in a municipal council of 21 seats). The opposition of VVD, D’66 and CDA jointly won one seat (by winning D’66) and jointly has a majority of 11 seats. One has to wait to find out how the negotiations for a new council will go and what the outcome will be. Although HBB and VVD have the same number of seats, the VVD has gained some more votes and this party will take the initiative in the negotiations. And then it depends on whether sufficient agreement can be reached with other parties about a college program.

Election result (Number of seats per party)

                                         2018               2022

HBB                                      7                    5

VVD                                      5                    5

D’66                                      3                    4

Groen Links                        3                    3

CDA                                      2                    2

PvdA                                    1                    2


Share your Christmas recipe with LAM

Something different than eating lamb for Christmas…..

As of today, the LAM museum collects festive dishes throughout the country to build the Christmas menu in the Netherlands together. ‘As a food art museum, we make a portrait of the Netherlands based on the favorite dishes of the people who live here,’ says museum director Sietske van Zanten. Through works of art related to food and consumption, the museum at Keukenhof Estate in Lisse allows visitors of all ages to see in new ways.

Sietske van Zanten: ‘A visit to the LAM is like a mini-vacation: you step into another world for a while in which you clear your head and then fill it with new ideas. Food is so much more than the nutrients it contains, it is of special value for instance during holidays like Christmas. You are what you eat. It was remarkable how quickly and enthusiastically everyone responded to this initiative. Thinking of your favorite Christmas dish brings back memories. It is a nostalgic journey through years, places, smells, sounds and precious people.”

Artist Tom Heerschop processed the submitted dishes and anecdotes on a 6 meter long Christmas table in the LAM museum, walled by deep blue walls with starry skies. “The dark blue starry skies symbolize the dark days that we will leave behind after Christmas,” says Tom Heerschop.

The LAM museum has extra opening hours during the Christmas holidays. For more information and tickets:

Everyone can add their indispensable party dish to

preferably with an anecdote or explanation. The results are available for everyone to see.


Heemstede is accepting extra permit holders

The situation in the world (especially in Africa and the area around Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) is getting worse for the people there. Many try to flee to Europe. The asylum seekers centers in the Netherlands are running full. As people cannot and in fact are not allowed to stay there, they are allocated to the Dutch municipalities according to a fixed distribution key.

Heemstede is set to accept 15 to 20 extra permit holders on top of the numbers promised earlier. According to Mayor Astrid Nienhuis, this is our moral duty. The municipality is looking for (temporary) housing for the extra status holders. That is not easy because the municipality has no large locations available. All suggestions are welcome and that is why the town hall of Heemstede is organizing an online meeting on 2 December from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm in which residents can put forward their ideas and suggestions. Anyone can register via The town hall is looking for locations that can be used quickly and that are habitable for 15 to 20 status holders without many adjustments.

We hope that many people with ideas will take advantage of this opportunity.



As we wrote in July, we would let you know if ‘de Taalsoos‘ can admit new participants again. And yes, the corona measures have been relaxed so much that there is no longer a limitation in number. For a safe feeling for everyone, it would be nice if you have a QR code. Not that we strictly control that, because we leave it to your own sense of responsibility.

Come and join us sometime and if you like it we’ll add you to the group app.

In Plein Blauw on the first floor in Plein 1. It is held every Wednesday morning from 10.15 am to 11.30 am. Coffee and tea is served from 10:00 o’clock.

Are you wondering what we do at the taalsoos and what it is all about?  Then we recommend you to scroll back to our  ‘older posts’, you will come across various articles about it. See you soon then?

Beware of each others safety the Binnenweg


Under that motto, a campaign for the Binnenweg was launched this week. With large signs in Heemstede and banners above the Binnenweg, motorists are urged to be aware of other visitors.

In the shopping street, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians share the space with each other. This also means: taking into account weaker road users, such as cyclists, pedestrians and the disabled. The Binnenweg is a shopping and residential street where shoppers and residents should be able to cross the street safely. And where traffic from the right, including cyclists, has priority over traffic on the Binnenweg.

Let’s all take into account that the Binnenweg is for everyone. So don’t drive too fast and make sure to give vulnerable road users space!


Open day at Wij Heemstede

The new season of WIJ Heemstede will start on Wednesday September 12. That season starts with an open day and on that day there is also a ‘course market’. There are stalls with information about all activities and services of WIJ Heemstede. Course instructors are available to answer all questions. There are courses for youth, adults and especially for seniors. There is also a small exhibition with work by students from previous years. There are short workshops to get a taste of what a course contains. The brochure of the new season will also be presented on this day. More information can be found at You are welcome between 2 pm and 5 pm in De Luifel at Herenweg 96.


Stumbling stones

Stumbling stones, originally ‘Stolpersteine’, are an initiative of the German artist Gunter Demnig. They are cube-shaped concrete stones with a brass top plate, with the text engraved on them. The stones are placed on the sidewalk in front of the houses from which the Jews were expelled and murdered. There are now more than 70,000 stumbling blocks in Europe.

Also in Heemstede, 2 stumbling stones have been placed in memory of Mrs Johanne Hedwig van Straaten and her sister Marie Mathilde van Straaten. Both died in German concentration camps. The granddaughter of Mrs Johanna van Straaten has taken the initiative for this. Her grandmother had a bookshop at number 91 Binnenweg from 1937 until the first years of the Second World War. That’s where the stumbling stones are placed.


Summer Heroes

Summer Heroes

What makes one a hero? What superpowers does one require? Does a hero live in your street or are you one yourself? Together we go on a hero hunt during a summer class. We are all going to do super cool and heroic things like drawing cartoons, making power hats, cooking food, and eating together. Sign up quickly!

When: July 22, 23, 29, 30, 2021

Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

With: Children from group 5 to 8

Where: Luifel, Herenweg 96, Heemstede

Costs: € 5.00 including lunch

Daffodils in the Groenendaal woods       

                                                                                                                                                                                 How do the daffodils get into the Groenendaal woods?

Daffodils are flower bulbs and they are put in the ground. So they don’t just grow in the woods. In 1953, a Flora was held on the Vrijheidsdreef. That is an exhibition of plants and flowers. A lot of flowers and bulbs are then exhibited to show what is being grown. At that time, flower bulbs may also have been planted in the woods. Anyhow, it looks very attractive in the spring.

Walk into the woods and then go to the woods where the dogs are not allowed to come, then you will see many daffodils. A flock of sheep can be seen at the end as well.


It is that time of the year again. On the night of Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28, the clock will be put forward an hour forward. That means one hour less sleep. But also that it will be light for an hour longer in the evening.

Because it is light for an hour longer, the cabinet has decided to start the curfew an hour later. That’s from March 31. The curfew will then start at 10 p.m.