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Heritage Days

The Heritage Days will take place again on the 11th  and 12th of  September. There are several monuments to visit in Heemstede and Haarlem. Many doors  will open that usually would remain closed.

In Heemstede for example: Het Bakkershuisje, Berkenrode, Hartekamp, De Vermaning, Huis te Manpad.

A very nice bike tour has been made available by the Heemstede-Bennebroek Historical Association. You don’t have to do the whole bike tour. You get to see places that you normally probably would never visit or that you didn’t know existed.

You can find the route by clicking the link below:




Open day at Wij Heemstede

The new season of WIJ Heemstede will start on Wednesday September 12. That season starts with an open day and on that day there is also a ‘course market’. There are stalls with information about all activities and services of WIJ Heemstede. Course instructors are available to answer all questions. There are courses for youth, adults and especially for seniors. There is also a small exhibition with work by students from previous years. There are short workshops to get a taste of what a course contains. The brochure of the new season will also be presented on this day. More information can be found at You are welcome between 2 pm and 5 pm in De Luifel at Herenweg 96.


The yearly Heemsteedse market on Sunday 29

The yearly Heemsteedse market will take place again on Sunday 29 August. The market is on the Binnenweg and in the Raadhuisstraat from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shopkeepers from the center of Heemstede and traders from outside guarantee great items at smallprices and tasty snacks and drinks. The market is usually very busy and everyone meets acquaintances. All terraces are open. And there are many in Heemstede!

There is fun for young and old to experience. For example in ‘the Silent Disco area’. What is that? Have a look… Special shopping bags will be handed out. There is music and special portraits can be made at the Mario Kart photobooth. Children can have their faces painted and they can make children’s cocktails from COCO LOCO. The corona measures are taken into account. The stalls are spacious. Visitors are asked to adhere to the one and a half meter measure. Heemstede shopping center puts its best foot forward every year and we have no doubts that it will succeed again this year.

Stumbling stones

Stumbling stones, originally ‘Stolpersteine’, are an initiative of the German artist Gunter Demnig. They are cube-shaped concrete stones with a brass top plate, with the text engraved on them. The stones are placed on the sidewalk in front of the houses from which the Jews were expelled and murdered. There are now more than 70,000 stumbling blocks in Europe.

Also in Heemstede, 2 stumbling stones have been placed in memory of Mrs Johanne Hedwig van Straaten and her sister Marie Mathilde van Straaten. Both died in German concentration camps. The granddaughter of Mrs Johanna van Straaten has taken the initiative for this. Her grandmother had a bookshop at number 91 Binnenweg from 1937 until the first years of the Second World War. That’s where the stumbling stones are placed.


‘The taalsoos, is it something for you?”

You have often read about ‘de taalsoos’ on this site. Usually when there was something special to mention: a visit from the mayor or from Sinterklaas, or that we could continue in the tent at the library when corona threw the spanner in the works. How is your language learning going now? And, would it be something for you? What do we do on that Wednesday morning in the library?

The main goal is to practice speaking in Dutch. But we also sometimes pay attention to grammar, explain expressions and sayings, and discuss Dutch customs and traditions. (Why does the whole Netherlands colour orange at parties? Why not blue or red?) We recently spent an hour on the word ‘er’. As a Dutch person, think about that…. How often and in how many different contexts is this word used in our language! And do you think that a foreigner understands us when they hear us say the ‘dudurdugroet’?

Sometimes it looks a bit like school, but the participants generally find it more fun and educative! Especially when we discuss small dilemmas and have conversations in the form of a role play. (What do you do if you don’t get enough money back in the store? And…. What do you do if you get too much back???) Before the 1.5 -meter rule was in force, we sometimes had up to 18 participants. Then we made small groups, so that everyone could have their say, but above all had a chance to speak. We hope it can be done that way again in August…. Anyone who wants to practice speaking Dutch, is welcome. There are now participants from Korea, Syria, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Eritrea and Denmark. Explaining something to someone else is allowed in your own language and the volunteers who prepare the meetings also speak French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, English and German. But otherwise: Dutch. The traditional Dutch word ‘gezelligheid’ is high on the list!

As soon as the number of participants is unlimited again, we will let you know on this site and maybe we’ll see you then! Welcome.


Children’s farm ‘t Molentje turns 70!

A petting zoo that turns 70: that is very special. ‘t Molentje is the oldest petting zoo in the Netherlands. That calls for a great party.

The estate has been owned by the municipality ofHeemstede  since 1913, the farm was built in 1951. Then the children’s farm started. Over time, many species of animals lived here, not only cows, pigs, deer and goats, but also guinea pigs, llamas, kangaroos and a bee colony. Unfortunately, in the fire of 2010, the haystack with the bee colony burned down.

Saturday 26 June is the party: everyone is welcome!! For visitors there is coffee, tea and lemonade with some sweets, and at 14.00 the party lunch starts. Children have colored a flag coloring page, and all drawings are hung in a garland on the farm. It will look very festive.

The petting zoo is located in the Groenendaalse forest, close to the playground, Burgemeester van Rappardlaan 1.


The scouting WABO Heemstede

The scouting WABO Heemstede is an active, fun and tough girl group in the Groenendaalse Bos and they are celebrating their  75 year anniversary this year.

What does one do during scouting? You can do fun and exciting activities, such as treasure hunts, crafts and campfires etc.

What is Scouting? It is the largest youth organization in the Netherlands. If you are a member of the scouting club, you will come together with other members weekly. Sometimes you go to camp and when you are older there are also international activities. You also have a special outfit when you are a member.

Worldwide there are 50 million girls and boys in Scouting. Queen Maxima is patroness of Scouting Netherlands.


You have a group of 7 to 10 years the Cubs and a group of 10 to 14 years the Scouts. There are also groups of 14 years and older.

For more information click on the link below:

The club house does not have its own address. There is a small bridge at Ritsema Boskade at number 11, if you cross that bridge and keep left, you will arrive at the clubhouse.
You can participate a number of times without becoming a member.

Summer Heroes

Summer Heroes

What makes one a hero? What superpowers does one require? Does a hero live in your street or are you one yourself? Together we go on a hero hunt during a summer class. We are all going to do super cool and heroic things like drawing cartoons, making power hats, cooking food, and eating together. Sign up quickly!

When: July 22, 23, 29, 30, 2021

Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

With: Children from group 5 to 8

Where: Luifel, Herenweg 96, Heemstede

Costs: € 5.00 including lunch

 Bicycles and bicycle trainers wanted!


 Bicycles and bicycle trainers wanted!

Have you just bought an e-bike and is the old bicycle still in the garage?

You could make the permit holders who are residing in Heemstede very happy with this. Learning to ride a bicycle is very important for their self-reliance. They have a cycling lesson club that has an immense shortage of bicycles. Folding bicycles are conveniently adjustable in height and therefore very suitable. But also women’s, men’s and children’s bicycles are very useful. And we can also use people who want to help them learn to cycle. Have you never given cycling lessons to anyone before? Don’t worry it doesn’t matter, if you are somebody who is patient and enjoys giving lessons and at the same time, has 30-60 minutes available once or twice a week, you can go a long way! In short, help our new fellow citizens on their bikes and help them navigate safely through traffic.

For more information: Welcome Heemstede, Platform for Integration

Pim van Wonderen, email:


As you know, there are plenty of people over 18 years old who are being vaccinated. The plan is that as many people as possible get vaccinated. If it is not clear to you what the plan is

all about, you can click on the links below, where the explanation of the vaccination plan can be found in your own language.

The link of “corona.steffie” also has audio text.