Apr 23.

It’s allowed again!! For years, people from all over the world came to the Netherlands especially at this time of year to see the flower parade. Usually combined with a visit to Keukenhof.

For the bulb farmers, the bulbs are the most important. Sounds weird, but the flowers are partly an afterthought. Because the flowers have to be removed from the bulbs during this time, it was decided not to throw them away immediately, but to use them for a parade. Soon all color will be gone from the fields again. Enjoy it! Cycle or walk along the bulb fields.

And what is so beautiful about living in Heemstede, in addition to many other things of course, you can probably just walk from your home to a spot along the route of the parade to watch this festive procession.

Below is the part of the route through Heemstede with the times.

You can still watch the whole day in Haarlem on Sunday. There are the cars. And besides looking…. Don’t forget to smell!

Herenweg – Prinsenlaan.                    19.40

Entrance Groenendaal –

MUSIC ENTRANCE.                                19.57

Traffic light Rijnlaan.                             20.06

Herenweg – Van Merlenlaan.                20.13

Van Merlenlaan – Raadhuisstraat.        20.26

Binnenweg – Zandvaartkade (center)    20.34

Julianalaan.                                                  20.40

Spaarnezichtlaan.                                       20.44

Binnenweg – Lanckhorstlaan.                   20.49

Lanckhorstlaan – Herenweg (N208)          20.56