Adriaan Pauw Jaar

Adriaan Pauw year 2020 is still going on
At the beginning of this year, we were looking forward to it: the Adriaan Pauw year. This year it is exactly 400 years ago (in 1620) that Adriaan Pauw came to live here in Heemstede and Bennebroek. Adriaan Pauw was so important that a festive year is in order. He built the Oude Kerk on the Wilhelminaplein and also the Voorwegschool. He dug the Zandvaart and the Blekersvaart so that Amsterdam could be supplied with sand for further expansion and Heemstede received many bleachers. These activities have brought much prosperity to Heemstede. Adriaan Pauw also played an important role in the Peace of Münster, which ended the 80-year war and claimed peace in Europe. Hence the peace bridge at the Oude Slot.

So we were enthusiastic about preparing a year with all kinds of fun events for the entire population of Heemstede. And then…. came corona! A wonderful weekend in May with a market with old crafts, the reopening of Adriaan Pauw’s restored crypt and a symposium about Pauw’s significance for Heemstede, the region, the Netherlands, and Europe had to be canceled. All kinds of events, such as sports tournaments, music performances, and other events where many people gather, could also not take place. And yet Heemstede was able to experience many things in the Pauw area. For example, September 19, when the shopkeepers’ association organized a fun day with a fantastic competition. A beautiful sunny Saturday with lots of entertainment on the Binnenweg and Raadhuisstraat. And so, despite corona, there were still too many events to mention.

And it continues for a while. Good things are being pushed on to 2021. The symposium will probably be held in May and will gain some depth now that Pauw’s name has been associated with slavery by the Dutch East India Company. There are also exhibitions in the Pauwehof and the Burgerzaal in the Town Hall of Heemstede of the art that was created in the context of Adriaan Pauw last year.

The Adriaan Pauw year may have had some setbacks, but the organization will not give up. For everything that is still going on and what is to come, visit

On behalf of the Adriaan Pauw foundation,

Ben Steinebach