Valentine’s Day 2022


It’s February already, and February brings a special day every year, the Valentine’s Day. It falls on a Monday this year. Valentine’s Day is all about love, it is the day when lovers surprise each other with presents, flowers, cards, etc. The origin of Valentine’s Day lies in the third century, it is named after the Christian priest Saint Valentine from Rome. According to some sources, during the time of Saint Valentine, there was an imperial law forbidding soldiers to marry. Valentine thought that love always conquers everything, so he would have married soldiers in secret. When Emperor Claudius II (267-270) discovered this, he beheaded Valentine on February 14. Little is known about the authenticity of this story, which is why some think that this story was made up later. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day has become very popular worldwide in recent years. As well as becoming a commercial success, companies take advantage of the day by launching special promotions and discounts to attract the attention of customers. You can surprise your loved one by buying cards at Hallmark or kaart2go, they have a whole collection dedicated to Valentine’s Day cards around this time of year. For gifts you can have look at drugstores such as Etos, Kruidvat, or Trekpleister, where you can get a great gift within a reasonable price. If you want to go even further, you can check out luxury stores such as Rituals, Douglas, ICI Paris XL, etc. If you are still looking for inspiration, just look around the stores: who knows, something might catch your eye, good luck!